Knowledge. Honesty. Trust.

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who is BlueRoots?

a family run business helping other family run businesses

BlueRoots makes complicated business issues simple!

We use our experience and expertise to help your business, your family and you succeed.

our roots

everything we do is rooted in:


Our expertise and experience will help your family and your business navigate the unique issues family run businesses face. We are here to share our wealth of information and teach you tools to help you succeed.


Here at BlueRoots, we pride ourselves on our honesty. Open and honest communication with our clients is the key to success for both you and us.


We look at our clients as family. We want to build our relationship with a good foundation and the establishment of trust which will allow us to earn your confidence and achieve greater success.

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Learn from Tammy Buss, Founder and Family Business Advisor

passing down your success

How To Prepare Your Family and Business for the 1st Transition


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We understand that your family and your business are important to you.
Let our expertise be your guide.