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Who we are and what we do

Our Mission: Successfully navigate the unique reality of working with family and business

BlueRoots makes complicated business issues simple!

BlueRoots is a family run business helping other family run businesses. We are here to help solve your very expensive people problems. We will help you successfully navigate the unique reality of working with family and business. We look at the people, identify the pain points & help the business meet its full potential.

Working in collaboration with your other trusted advisors, we will help you get what you need out of your business plan for the next steps, whatever they may be!

How do we do that?

Understanding your team members (Business & Family) is the first place to start. We use tools to optimize performance and communication.

  • Get to know business/family and its pain points. Identify the communication issues.
  • Use assessment tools to bring clarity & aid in understanding the family and business. Help you understand your family/team and how to communicate effectively.
  • Get the conversations going in the family and business. Drive growth & maximize productivity.
  • Next step recommendations to meet full potential. Measure impact of communication & productivity on the family/business. 6 month follow up.


Core Values

Solutions Focused
Strategic Approach



Keeping it a family business.

why blueroots?

let’s get you working on your business, not just in your business

We take a holistic and unique approach to business & family planning. We help your leadership understand the employees and each other to work more collaboratively and how to communicate for optimal success.

Family Business

Do you have a family and own a business? Are you struggling with deciding your next steps? BlueRoots is here to help you simplify the complex issues family businesses face when planning for the next generation.

Business Teams

Want to give your team a performance boost/edge against your competition? BlueRoots can help your team understand their team & individual instinctive strengths & use that understanding to enhance communication, collaborate effectively, boost performance, forecast how teams will perform and create teams with the most synergistic mix.


If you work with Family Businesses, have you ever experienced the negative dynamics of miscommunication? Understanding the unique family you are working with will be a time saver. Decisions can be made more quickly, getting everyone on the same page. We are here to give you the tool to help your clients.

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Chamber of Commerce London

Giving us the opportunity to collaborate with other trusted advisors to improve client experiences.

London Home Builders Association

Allowing us to better understand our clients, not just their family issues but the business and industry issues they face.


Global professional body that helps families plan for their futures. STEP members are experts in inheritance and succession planning.

Family Enterprise Canada

Connecting with the family business community to inspire, educate and support. Proudly members as both a business and an advisor.


Reaching international networks of women-owned business. We’re a Canadian business helping address business problems around the world.

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We understand that your family and your business are important to you.
Let our expertise be your guide.