transition/succession planning

BlueRoots is a family business helping other family businesses.

Here at BlueRoots, we believe in keeping business in the family. It starts with building a good business foundation through understanding each other and opening the lines of positive communication. With that, we help our clients plan for their succession – whatever that may be.

Our Proven Process

Transition/Succession Planning Process

The Family Business Model

The 3-circle model is the foundation to understanding a family business. Within the 3-circle model are seven different points of view. Some overlap and some do not. Each position has a unique perspective. Understanding where you, your family members, and your employees sit will help you understand what lens they are looking through. Since each circle has its own perspective, depending on where people sit, they will look or be concerned only with issues from their point of view. These lenses are the foundation of good communication, and good communication is the foundation of everything else good that we work toward with our clients.


We understand that your family and your business are important to you.
Let our expertise be your guide.