We suggest starting your journey of developing your business by understanding communication.

We touch on communication in every seminar, it is THAT important.

Below are the seminar topics BlueRoots has developed. If you would like to customize a topic, please reach out to

Failing to Communicate

  • Importance of communication in the family and the business.
  • Assessment tools to begin healthy communication- what assessments you can use and why.

Your Business is worth more with a PLAN

  • Starting succession planning early.

It’s time for the succession talk

  • How do you help yourself, family, or clients plan for their business succession?

Work ON your Business, not just IN it.

  • Setting up your business for success.

3 Circle Model

  • Exploring the 3 different circles and understanding the differences and how they work together.

Preparing the family for transition/succession- Importance of the Family Meeting

  • Importance of the family meeting.
  • 5 ingredients for a successful family meeting.

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We understand that your family and your business are important to you.
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