family business advising

supporting 1st and 2nd generation businesses

Let us facilitate your important business conversations and help your family communicate effectively.

Family meetings are the key to Family Business Advising. It is important when seeking advice and support to have an advisor who truly understands the unique dynamics and challenges when a family owns a business.

Why are we the right fit? We are a family run business and are knowledgeable and trained as Family Enterprise Advisors. We understand how difficult it is to have accountability in the business, yet still have a family dinner. Been there, done that! You are not alone. We understand the complexities of family and business from all angles.

As Family Enterprise Advisors, we help open the lines of communication on both sides: Family and Business. We start by talking to all relevant family, as well as a few key people in the business, to get a better understanding of issues and concerns. We analyze and report back with recommendations. We offer you a path to open communication and get to the root of the issues to solve them.

It all starts with the family.

our proven process

At BlueRoots, we believe in keeping business in the family. It starts with building a good foundation through understanding each other and opening the lines of positive communication. This will help the family get what they need out of the business, and the business get what they need out of the family.

We are here to simplify those complex issues that overwhelm you. Your success is our success!

We start with a Right Fit meeting. It is an initial introduction where we identify what you are looking for, get an overview of any pain points and issues in the business and customize a plan that will work for your family and business. Best part, it is free!

Once we have determined the plan, we get started. We meet with all parties involved to gather information. We call this our Discovery phase. We use our assessment tools, to help us understand all individuals involved. Once we have analyzed the assessments, we debrief your team and discuss next steps and how to implement the information received.

We don’t stop there. We provide you with ongoing support to help you execute our recommendations. This is where the family and business meeting comes in. By following our structured family and business meeting model, it will ensure you on the right path to continued success. The Family and business meetings will allow all channels of communication to flow with ease and keep everyone accountable. Gone are the days of awkward family dinners.

Why is this so important? You need all this to start Transition Planning.

we help you navigate the challenges of being a family business

BlueRoots is redefining what it means to work with family in Business. Why? Because we are a family business.

We simplify complicated family AND business issues. Using our unique holistic approach to family and business planning, we can get to the root of any family business issue!

What sets us apart is our goal to help our clients successfully navigate the unique reality of working with family in business. We are rooted in knowledge, honesty and trust and have a strong commitment to our clients. The success of our clients and their business is what defines success for BlueRoots.

We are more than advisors. We are communication gurus, business leaders, team builders, and owners. BlueRoots is here to help solve very expensive people problems.


We understand that your family and your business are important to you.
Let our expertise be your guide.