financial/estate planning

Here at BlueRoots we take these complex subjects and simplify them.

Financial Planning and Estate planning can be complex and overwhelming. You work hard for your money, and you should be in control of its uses and distribution. Financial planning isn’t a one and done, it needs to be updated as your situation changes. We are here to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

Planning for your financial health doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With our 35 years of experience, BlueRoots is here to help with this complex journey, taking a strategic approach to simplify this process for our clients.

what is estate planning?

Estate Planning is the ultimate distribution of your assets. It is what you want to leave behind to your dependents, charity, or anyone else of your choosing. It should not be confused with asset management or financial planning. An estate plan will be comprised primarily of:

  • A Will
  • Power of Attorney (Personal Care and/or Property)
  • Survivorship Provisions
  • Beneficiary Designation
  • Trusts

Estate plans do not remain constant. They will change over time and must be updated to reflect your current situation. Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. It is for everyone.

transitioning your business and dispersing your wealth

At BlueRoots we understand the challenges of estate planning when you own a family business, since we are a family business. Our knowledge of estate planning and family businesses make us the ideal partner to work with to get to the root of what you want and need. We are here to help you navigate the unique estate planning issues that impact a family with a business. Our part in the estate planning process is to understand what works best for you and your situation, build a plan, then work with your Lawyer, Accountant, Wealth Manager, and Insurance Advisor to put the plan in place for you.

Estate planning can be a very emotional process, but it is extremely important. So don’t put it off! You should be the one to make the ultimate decision on how your wealth is distributed. Over Tammy’s 30+ years in the business, she has seen firsthand the destruction a family business goes through when no instructions have been left behind. Scenarios like second marriages, financially dependent family members, and family members with special needs, all need to be taken into consideration. Don’t let the Family Law Rules dictate your future.

We also encourage you to use our facilitation services for family meetings. It is a great way for you and your family members to share your thoughts, and ensure you are all on the same page before it is too late.

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