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Tammy Buss is the GP of Family Business, a strategic advisor, facilitator, professor and a Family Business SURVIVOR just to name a few! She is also the author of Passing Down Your Success: How to Prepare Your Family and Business for the 1st Transition.

After spending over 30 years building her own successful business and fine tuning her family business succession, Tammy is ready for this new chapter of her life. When Tammy isn’t at her desk, she can be found rocking her role as GramTam, riding her bikes, spending time with her family and close friends, not to mention corralling her three sassy dogs. No down time in the Buss house!

With over 3 decades of experience, Tammy is your go to for all your small business needs. Tammy started in the business world working in personal insurance selling products. She quickly started to understand how valuable planning for the future was. Making the switch to business needs was easy; Tammy wanted to help protect her clients, and small business owners understand the value of insurance and the needs around it.

Over the years Tammy began to realize her clients’ needs were expanding and growing, so she needed to expand her wealth of knowledge and skillset to continue helping them on their business journey.

With her wealth of experience and knowledge, Tammy has started a new era of her career, transforming all her trials and tribulations plus new skills to help all 1st and 2nd Family Business owners behind her.

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