BlueRoots hosted its open house April 25th.

Thank you to all the people who came out to see where we have replanted our roots and did a podcast recording that we will be using at the end of our future podcasts. I know a few of you avoided it, by sneaking out, you know who you are and so do we…lol.

We wanted to show off our newly renovated space that we spent a great deal of time thinking about and designing so it would work for us.  We took our existing 3800 sf office that once fully housed Buss Financial Group Inc. for 15 years and divided it into 2 sides. Buss Financial Group Inc, and Buss Business Solutions Inc. now are located in ½ the previous space and BlueRoots Inc. has the other ½.

BlueRoots took a unique approach in the design of the 2100 sf space.

We left 1500sq open to take the place of a boardroom. Since we host seminars and workshops, this big area leaves lots of space to spread out and move tables to accommodate whatever events we are hosting. You can get up and stretch and still be part of the session. At the front of the open space we put a 6-inch riser that is 16 ft long and 5 ft wide to allow room for 4 comfy chairs. If you want to have a discussion it can be relaxing and collaborative. In the faux board room, we included a beverage center with a small fridge for clients to help themselves to coffee, tea, water, pop, juice, or stronger drinks at the end of the day, all without leaving the room. The beverage center has enough counter space to put out a buffet breakfast or lunch. Leaving the kitchen as a prep and supply center.


We included a small meeting room that can seat 6 comfortably with a TV for screen sharing. This space is used for more intimate meetings, so you don’t feel lost in the bigger area.


We have a  Zoom room (private room) with 2 monitors where you can hook up your laptop for private calls or when you just want some privacy. Or you are sick and shouldn’t bring your germs to work, (sorry gals) This room is set up like an office and can accommodate 2 additional people. We put acoustic tiles on the walls, and door and additional insulation in the ceiling to make it as soundproof as can be.

We have a 200-sf room that hosts our main printer, prep counter, supplies, vacuum, extra tables, and chairs, basically anything that you want to hide.  It is really great, lots of room and is fairly neat so far.

However, the two rooms we are the most EXCITED about…drum roll please….our collaboration room and our podcast room.


The collaboration room is currently set up to accommodate 4 people at once. It can expand to 7 people if needed. It is a long table with 4 monitors on each side. It is set up so you can just plug in your computer and get to work. We have a large whiteboard, 2 corkboards and lots of ideas floating around. The purpose of this room is to work together. To ask for help or get a question answered when you are in the middle of something, you don’t have to break stride and send an email or get up and go to someone’s office to ask a question. We spend the majority of our time in the collaboration room, but we do like to spread out in the faux board room when we are working on a bigger project.


The last room we are super proud of is our Podcast room. This room has additional soundproofing and looks pretty cool as well. At least we think so! We hired an expert to help us purchase the equipment and guide us on how to get the great sound quality we have with our podcasts. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to our podcast, I invite you to do so on whatever Podcast service you listen too. The podcast is “The Business of Family – hosted by Tammy Buss” Podcast – Blueroots

We are always looking for great guests that have a story to tell. They are either a family business or an advisor to family businesses. We are a non-scripted podcast, talking about issues that impact families in business. Real people talking to real people. Please introduce us to someone you think should come on our weekly show.


Also, if you have a podcast and you would like to rent our top-notch space, please reach out to


Again, thank you to everyone who came out to share our opening, and see where we put our roots down.